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Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds

Owner, Audiologist

Dr. Reynolds has been practicing Audiology for over 30 years. She created & directed the Audiology program at multiple practices across the country and here in the Twin Cities. After 17 years of leading and growing the Audiology program at a large multi-specialty practice locally, Dr. Reynolds decided to start her own private practice in Woodbury to enable her to achieve her full vision for an Audiology program oriented to directing her full focus to patient care and allied programs to support the hearing impaired community.

She is honored to share her 30 plus years of experience both at her practice supporting individuals with hearing loss & tinnitus and through community education programs.

Dr. Reynolds is committed to supporting hearing impaired individuals live the life they want both through improved hearing and lifestyle management strategies. Through the years she has had the joyful fortune to support patients in creating better connections with family, friends and community.

Dr. Reynolds completed her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls and graduate work at the University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign. She was raised on White Bear Lake, MN where she developed a love of natural, wild spaces. She strives to create balance in her life by getting back into nature at any opportunity. When she carves out time to be in nature you will find her cross country skiing, fly fishing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, hiking, bicycling and gazing at the stars.

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson

Patient Care Coordinator

Carol Johnson has been caring for people professionally since she received her nursing degree in 1969. She started practicing in the hospital setting but found her niche working in long term care for 26 years. Carol began her partnership with Dr. Reynolds in 2004 supporting individuals with hearing loss & tinnitus.

Carol is a perfect fit as a patient care coordinator. She genuinely cares about each individual and is a generous educator, taking the time to teach each person the skills needed to become a successful hearing aid user.

Carol and her family moved from Wisconsin and has lived in Woodbury since 1981 where her three children grew up and graduated from Woodbury High School. She enjoys spending time with her 5 grandchildren. Carol’s hobbies are quilting, cooking, baking and gardening. Her favorite getaway is the Door County Peninsula in Wisconsin.

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